Have you purchased a vehicle before and upon taking it to your mechanic for its first oil change found out that it needed hundreds of dollars in maintenance items? Items such as tires, brake pads, and filters? That can be very frustrating, considering you just spent a lot of money when purchasing the car and now you have to come up with even more money that you didn't plan on.

At Hastings Ford Lincoln, we want you to feel confident about your next pre-owned vehicle purchase and eliminate the stress of worrying about replacing maintenance items just after you bought the car.

Nice Care is our own in-house pre-owned vehicle coverage that guarantees the brake pads, tires, light bulbs, battery, wiper blades, hoses, spark plugs, and belts for 12 months or 12,000 miles after you purchase the vehicle. If one of those items wears out during that time, we'll replace it at no charge to you. No deductibles, no prorations, no hidden fees, no funny stuff! Simply bring the vehicle to our Service Department or Quick Lane and we'll take care of the rest. This coverage comes completely free of charge on our select Nice Care pre-owned vehicles.

Pretty cool, right? Ask your Sales Consultant for more info and to show you a few of our Nice Care pre-owned vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions:
"How much do I have to pay for it?"

"Nothing, are you serious Clark? So, I'm paying more for the car to have it then?"
Nope, not that either. We chose to cover those expenses on our Nice Care vehicles because we want happy customers for life.

"Do the covered items carry a deductible or are the tires prorated?"
Nope, no deductibles, no tire prorations, or any other hidden goofy stuff here. That doesn't make happy customers for life.

"Do you use cheap parts then when replacing items?"
Absolutely not. We use the same quality parts whether you are paying for them or we are.

"Do I have a choice in the tires that are put on my car under Nice Care?"
Yep, to an extent anyways... We chose from the same quality 13 name brand tires that we carry and use every day. If you prefer one brand over another, we can usually accommodate that request assuming that they are similarly priced to the ones that we typically put on.

"What if I want more expensive or special purpose tires put back on my vehicle? I'm probably on the hook for the full amount of those, right?"
Nope. Our tire pros will help you pick out the tires of your dreams and then you just pay for the difference compared to the ones that we would typically select for you. And we guarantee you the best price too!

"I just dropped off my car for an oil change and forgot to mention to the Service Advisor to inspect my car for Nice Care covered items."
No problem! Our Service Advisors can see that you have Nice Care in our fancy computer system and are trained to inspect and replace those items if need be. Even if you forget to mention it!

"This sounds great! Why do you guys do this?"
We want to be different than your typical dealership and provide you with a great experience every time. We only want happy customers for life, and we believe this is one of the ways in which you do that.

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