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Winter Tires FAQ

Snow Tires

Why should I change my all season tires to winter tires?

By design, all season tires do moderately well in most conditions. They will give suitable handling in the most favorable winter conditions. However, once winter starts to show its ugly side, All season tires are no match. That’s where winter tires come in. Winter tires are designed to keep composure under extreme conditions.

Can I get by on two winter tires and not four?

Mismatching tire types is not a good idea, especially once the roads are slushy and inconsistent. When a car has different tread types on it, the handling will be inconsistent and hard to predict. Consistency and predictability are the most beneficial traits of winter tires. By only putting on two, you aren’t getting the maximum benefit.

What if my car’s brakes are ABS?

While ABS will help your car’s wheels from locking, it won’t give you more traction. That means you’ll continue slipping and sliding even when the ABS is working. The only way to prevent slipping and sliding during winter is to get winter tires.

What if my car has All-Wheel Drive?

If you have an All-Wheel Drive vehicle, then making the decision to get winter tires is easy for you. Winter tires will help your All-Wheel Drive car get the most out of its advantage. Not getting winter tires for an All-Wheel Drive car is like not putting icing on your birthday cake.

Shouldn’t I just stay off the roads during poor conditions?

Though that’s a great option when it’s convenient, winter weather is unpredictable. Snow and ice can happen while you’re at the office, or out of town and could ruin your plans or possibly put you in an unsafe situation. Winter tires will give you the comfort and confidence of being safe on the road during the harshest conditions.

Are winter tires expensive?

Winter tires are one of the most affordable investments you make on your car before winter. At Hastings Lincoln Ford, we offer the best prices and price match guarantee on our entire inventory of tires. Come down to the dealership or give us call and ask about our excellent winter tire deals.

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