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How Tire Pressure Affects Your Wallet

How Much Air Do My Tires Need?

What condition are your roads in?

Recently, a study conducted by TRIP,a research group that specializes in U.S. roads, says 33 percent of major U.S. roads are in poor condition. This can cost the average American $377 in additional repairs for your vehicle.
Knowing this, you want to make sure your vehicle's tires are in optimum condition to handle the roads. The experts at Hastings Ford Lincoln are here to help.

Save money with proper inflation.

Properly inflated tires increase fuel economy by about 2 percent*. Properly inflated tires also make for optimal performance and handling, which will make you safer behind the wheel.
Tire damage and tread wear is largely caused by improper inflation. Tires lose pressure over time, and cause you to get less gas mileage and more tread wear. On average, tires lose air at the rate of one pound per month. During the cool seasons, a 10-degree drop means youl lose one pound of tire pressure. A simple solution: check your tire pressure at least once a month for longer performance. It’s possible your vehicle is equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system. Sudden changes and low tire pressures will show up on your dashboard to alert you of any potential problems.**

Your Expert Ford Service Technicians and Your Tires.

If you are in the market for a new set of tires, turn to our expert Ford Service technicians. They have the latest equipment to make sure your tires are installed correctly and are well maintained. Choose from 13 name-brand tires and our amazing Low Price Tire Guarantee†. Why buy tires anywhere else, when Hastings Ford Lincoln has it all?

*Sources: fueleconomy.gov, epa.gov.

**Excludes spare tire

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