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Tire Chains FAQ

Should I Put Chains On My Tires For Traction?

Here are some common questions drivers have during the winter months when the snow and ice start to come. If you’d like to speak to a certified mechanic to learn more, give us a call at Hastings Ford Lincoln (402) 463-3116.

Which tires should I chain up?

Chains are best for the tires that have power going to them. For front-wheel drive cars, it’s the front wheels and on rear-wheel drive cars it’s the rear wheels. For vehicle handling purposes, it’s best to apply traction devices to all four wheels. This will optimize traction and improve handling consistency. Consult an expert or your owner’s manual for more specific information on your vehicle.

What if my owner’s manual says “don’t use tire chains?

This is a general statement that often times refers to vehicles that don’t have enough space near the tire for typical chains to work properly without interfering with other parts of the vehicle. Consult a professional at Hastings Ford Lincoln for expert advice.

If my car has an anti-locking brake system, do I still need chains?

ABS helps a great deal to maintain vehicle control and prevent your brakes from locking. It’s a good idea to combine traction devices (or chains) with your ABS to increase the amount of traction available to your tires. This will aid your ABS when you’re maneuvering and attempting to stop suddenly in harsh winter conditions.

Do four-wheel drive vehicles need chains?

Four-wheel-drive is a provides greater ability to accelerate, which is advantageous when you’re stuck. However, four-wheel-drive does help prevent sliding or slipping when you have to stop suddenly. For this, it’s best to have additional traction that can help you gain immediate traction.

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