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When to Change Your Fuel Filter

When to Change Your Fuel Filter



Your car is no different from your body; it needs fuel to run. But a clogged fuel filter affects engine performance. A clogged fuel filter has the same effect on your car as not eating before a workout has on your body. Fuel filters remove dirt and other contaminants from fuel and also all the correct amount to go to your engine. With a new fuel filter, you’ll experience better performance and fuel efficiency.


Because the interval at which you should replace your fuel filter depends on your vehicle model, it's best to refer to your owner's manual for a more specific maintenance schedule.

But you may want to replace your fuel filter if:


  • Your vehicle has trouble starting

  • Your vehicle idles rough or stalls

  • You car is sluggish when accelerating

  • You car get poor fuel economy


If your vehicle is not listed under Fuel Filter Replacement in the owner's manual, your vehicle may have a non-serviceable filter.



Motorcraft fuel filters are specially designed, and recommended by Ford, for each vehicle.

Motorcraft fuel filters will help:

  • Reduce or eliminate stalls, poor starting, and potential engine failure

  • Increase vehicle performance by ensuring uniform fuel delivery

  • Block impurities and contaminants from clogging fuel injectors in your engine

  • Remove 90% of particles 20 microns or larger

  • Ensure a perfect fit for your vehicle



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